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4 Reasons to Secure Your Home With a Driveway Gate

Secure Driveway Gate in Hollister, CA
When you went house shopping, you may have prioritized properties with fencing. A backyard fence adds a lot of privacy, but it is even better when it extends to the sides and the front yard. This setup usually leaves the driveway as the only part of the property that is easily accessible. This opening is convenient for getting onto your property, but there is a viable alternative.
Adding a driveway gate can provide you with the maximum security that you want for your property and family. While you may have a vinyl or wooden fence, you should feel confident about installing an ornamental gate made of a material such as steel or aluminum. In addition, consider opting for an automatic gate with a keypad access feature to make your gate easy to operate.
Before committing to the installation, you should understand the reasons why a driveway gate is important because this knowledge will help you look forward to the benefits that come from this addition.

Set Up Outdoor Furniture

In the past, you may not have been confident enough to get creative with outdoor furniture. Being worried about theft may have led to getting budget furniture for the entire space. But the addition of a driveway gate will provide all the outdoor furniture with excellent protection. It would take getting through or over the gate or fence to take a furniture piece off your property.
If you have wanted furniture with large cushions and decorative pillows, you can make these purchases with confidence. You can even set up a bar cart outside for easy social drinking.

Keep Your Family Safe

While the fencing around most of the property will provide a lot of protection, you will feel even better about the safety of your family when you add a driveway gate. This gate will keep wild animals from being able to get onto your property and potentially threaten your children or pets.
You may not feel comfortable with your kids or pets having free roam of the front yard because the driveway still makes it easy to leave the property. As soon as the gate is installed, you may build enough confidence to open up the entire yard to your family, knowing that they are safe.

Protect Your Cars

Although you may park a car in your garage, you may also have one or two cars in the driveway. Not having a driveway gate puts these vehicles at risk of being hit by other cars passing by. A gate will keep a drunk or reckless driver from being able to drive onto your property. That means you won’t have to deal with a collision that would bring insurance and liability concerns into the mix.
A driveway gate is also helpful because it works to prevent car vandalism. On rare occasions, someone may vandalize cars in driveways or on streets by breaking windows or popping tires. The combination of the gate and fence will act as a barrier to keep this vandalism from happening.

Avoid Unwanted Visitors

When you think of adding a driveway gate, you may wonder about the ease of letting family and friends inside. This concern may have prevented you from getting a gate in the past. But, you can make it just as easy as getting inside without a gate when you have a keypad access system.
You can give family and friends a code to use for when they come over. Having the gate and this system also makes it easy to prevent unwanted visitors from getting onto your property. You will also not have a manual lock that someone could unlock or break to get inside.
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