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5 Styles of Wrought-Iron Gates and How They Complement Your Home

Wrought iron is a durable and sturdy product. Fences and gates made of wrought iron were once hand-forged and wrought - giving rise to the name - which made them so expensive only the wealthiest families could afford them. Modern wrought iron is machine-made, though, and it's affordable for most properties.

Whatever style of fence you have, a wrought-iron gate could be a beautiful complement.

Arched Top

Arches in architecture offer a classical appeal because they are reminiscent of the great buildings of ancient Greece and Rome. You can recreate this classical appeal in your wrought-iron gate by choosing an arched top.

Arches can range from a gentle arc that spans across a double gate to a semi-circle at the top of a garden gate. Likewise, you have many options in ornamentation. You could choose double rails, which can feature simple circles or pickets in between. The designs between the rails can also be very elaborate. You could also have the arch finished with sharp finials for extra security.

Because of the classical nature of the arch, arched top gates often complement historical homes such as Victorian, Georgian, and, of course, neo-classical buildings. If you have any arcs in your house's architecture, try to match the slope with the top of your gate.  

Straight Top

While the arched-top gate is a classic, wrought-iron gates also come with a straight top instead of an arch.

As with the arched top, these gates can come with a double rail on top. The iron work between the two rails tends to be simpler, either circles or pickets, though geometric grid patterns do feature on some gates. Straight-top gates often feature the pointed finials for security, especially since they don't have the slippery slope of the arc to deter climbing.

The overall design of straight-top gates is often minimalistic, which is a hallmark of modern style. Therefore, these gates are ideal for any style of contemporary house.


Because wrought iron was once handmade, artisans often personalized their work, creating beautiful works of metal art. Though wrought iron is now made on a machine, the process still affords you many customization options.

The wrought iron can be worked into elaborate designs with curls, arcs, and flourishes. You can even find representative ornaments, such as leaves and birds. Likewise, it's possible to customize your gate with medallions, which can add another layer of elaborate ornamentation. Finally, you can have the details enhanced with powder coating, such as gold-topped finials.

A traditional ornamental gate complements historical homes. However, you can customize the gate so it matches different home styles, such as Mission or Mediterranean.

Closed Metal

Most wrought-iron gates feature the top and bottom rails spanning between the gate posts. The vertical area between is filled with pickets, which means you can see through the gate to the property beyond. If you want more privacy, you might choose a closed metal gate.

With a closed metal gate, the pickets and ornamentation that characterize wrought iron remain the same. However, the manufacturers back the gate with a sheet of metal that conforms to the shape. You can choose a gate to match any house style.

Wood and Iron

Your gate doesn't have to be made of just metal. Another method of adding privacy is by incorporating wood into the structure.

Typically, wood and iron gates feature a wrought-iron frame with wooden pickets. The wrought iron at the top can be ornamental, and you may see decorative hinges thrusting into the wood façade. However, you could choose a stark contrast between a bold iron frame and straight wooden slats.

If you choose ornamental iron and hinges, your wood and iron gate can complement traditional styles of houses. However, the boldly contrasting gate would be a stylish finish for a modern property.

Choose a wrought iron gate that provides beauty as well as security. Visit CCOI Gate Company for more examples of stylish wrought-iron gates.