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7 Things to Consider for Your Custom Driveway Gate

Adding a gate to the end of your driveway can give your home more curb appeal and restrict who comes to your property. There are numerous options when it comes to driveway gates, and choosing a custom gate allows you to choose what it best for your preferences. Learn what factors to consider when having a custom gate created for the end of your driveway.
Consider the Guidelines of Your Homeowners Association

If you live in a neighborhood that has a homeowner's association, contact them to find out what restrictions they may have for the types of gates you can have. Some HOA's restrict the size, design, color or width of gates to ensure that everyone has similar gates in the neighborhood. If your gate does not adhere to the guidelines, the HOA could require you to replace the gate or pay fines.

Consider What Design You Want for the Gate
Consider if you want to have a single or a double gated entrance created when designing your gate. A single gate will be less expensive, but a double gate will create a more dramatic look. Also, a double gate is often best for wide driveways.
Consider the Level of Privacy You Want the Gate to Create
Determine if you want the gate you choose to provide you with privacy or if it is simply going to serve as a way to restrict access to your home. If you want the gate to create privacy, you may want to ask your custom gate maker to choose a material and design that is solid.
Consider the Gate’s Height
You will also need to consider how tall you want the gate to be. There are some people who want very large gates that create a grandiose look when guests come to visit, while other people may prefer something more subtle. The larger the gate is, the more you can expect to pay for it so be sure to choose a size that will fit into your budget.
Consider How You Want the Gate to Open
Determine if you want your gate to open manually or if you want it to be motorized. Many people choose to have a motorized gate because it is easy to operate. This can be very convenient when it is raining because you will not need to get in and out of your car to operate the gate in the adverse weather conditions.
Consider Your Gate Materials
Gates can be made from steel, aluminum or wrought iron. The cost for the construction of the fence can vary greatly based on the material that you want to use to create it. All of the materials can be manipulated to create a unique gate. Some people prefer the elegant look of wrought iron, while others like the cost effectiveness or look of other materials.
Consider Having the Gate Alarme
If you live in an area that is prone to burglaries, consider having the gate alarmed so that you know if someone tries to tamper with it. There are some alarms that will alert you and the authorities if someone tries to open or climb over the gate without your knowledge. These security options can help keep your family and home safe.

If you plan to create a custom gate for your driveway in the near future, contact Central California Ornamental Iron to design the perfect one for you. A technician can let you know all of the gate options that are available, then deliver and install the gate so that you can easily begin using the perfect gate for your home.