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Care Tips for Your New Wrought Iron Fence

You've invested in a wrought iron fence and gates to protect your property and give your home classic curb appeal. A benefit of wrought iron is its ability to last; with proper care and maintenance this type of fencing can last almost indefinitely.
Wrought iron is a durable building material, but it is susceptible to rust and other damages. To keep your new wrought iron fence looking its best for as long as you own your home, follow these care tips.

Apply a Protective Sealant
Have your fencing contractor coat your wrought iron fence and gates with a protective wax, which adds sheen to the metal while protecting it against water damage. A sealant can also be applied to your fencing to keep it safe against moisture from humidity and rain.
Your fence may need to be resealed as sealant or wax wears thin. Your fencing contractor can reapply a protective coating on your fence as needed.
Keep Your Fence Clean
Dust and grime can build up on your wrought iron fence, making it look dull, dingy and aged. Luckily, wrought iron is very easy to clean.
Using a high-powered hose and common dishwashing detergent, gently cleanse the wrought iron, paying close attention to small crevices and detailed areas. Allow your fence to dry completely, using a clean cotton rag or allowing the sun to dry the fence out. In small areas where water can gather, use a cloth to wipe the fence clean to prevent rust from forming.
Paint Your Fence
Painting your wrought iron fence can help it last longer and match the rest of your landscape more completely. Paint protects the iron's surface against water damage and rusting.
Black is a common hue for wrought iron and brings out the classic appeal of this type of fencing. For a more modern approach to wrought iron fencing, consider any of these hues to give your fence and gates intriguing allure:
  • White
  • Turquoise
  • Green
  • Red
  • Bronze green
To ensure the paint on your fence is applied evenly and covers your fence completely, allow your fencing contractor to paint your fence for you. The right paint hue can not only bring out the fine details of your wrought iron fence, it can help add texture and dimension to your property by making the whole structure stand out.
Be Wary When Planting Vines
While you may want to add greater privacy to your wrought iron fence by planting a vine or other type of plant for coverage, talk to your contractor before you do this type of upgrade. Plants contain moisture and can trap dirt and debris in their leaves, and they can even cause the fence to bend or warp. Certain plants are better for wrought iron than others.

Your fencing contractor can help you choose fence-friendly plants for your wrought iron fence and gates or can give you alternative suggestions for making your fence more private. Fast-growing shrubs like juniper bushes planted along your fence but not touching it is a wise solution.
Wrought iron fences do not require a lot of care or maintenance to keep them looking beautiful for many years. As long as you treat your fencing against water damage and keep it clean, your wrought iron fence and gates should look beautiful for as long as you own your home.
Your fencing contractor can help you in keeping your fence cared for. We have a large variety of iron fencing designs at Central California Ornamental Iron to help make your exterior project custom and beautiful. Allow us to assist you in keeping your fence in its best condition by calling our office today.