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Choosing the Ideal Height for Your Wrought Iron Fence: 3 Points to Focus On

Dark wrought iron fence
The ideal home fence is one part great style and one part security. Wrought iron is a material that has you covered on both fronts. As a gorgeous, versatile and long-lasting material, an iron fence is an addition you can appreciate just as much years down the line as you do today.

For many homeowners looking to make this addition, the standard question is, how tall should the fence be? It depends, as there are several factors to consider. Learn what to keep in mind to find the ideal fence height for your needs.


Fences are easily separated into two categories: those meant to keep things out, and those meant to keep things in. A fence designed with the intention of keeping others out will lead with a high-security focus.
A gate designed for this purpose should be at least 8 feet tall, as the taller the gate, the harder it will be for an intruder to climb over the fence and gain access to your property. If you want something a little shorter, you can install a 6-foot-tall wrought iron fence and line the top of it with decorative finials and spear points.

On the other hand, fences designed to keep things in are an option for families looking to create a space for their children or pets to enjoy time outside, safely. An ideal range for a secured pet area is around four feet. However, if the fence is to protect children too, something a little taller around five or six feet is a good starting point.


Where a home is located will also offer cues on the height of wrought iron to install. In more isolated neighborhoods, coyotes often freely roam the streets, particularly at night. Although these animals don't present a significant safety risk to humans, the same cannot be said for small pets, as these animals often see dogs as prey.
This is especially the case for smaller dogs. If you're looking to install a fence in an area with frequent coyote traffic and have a small pet, you want to be especially mindful to avoid a fence that is too short, as a coyote can effortless jump over a fence 5 feet or shorter.

Even a 6-foot fence only poses a minimal challenge for these animals; however, you can again add spear points to create a deterrent. In addition to height concerns, design your fence so that the posts are close enough together that these animals can't squeeze through.  


The connection between a wrought iron fence's height and style has everything to do with personal choice and the type of look you want to create for your home. Generally, the taller the fence, the more dominating it will appear.
If you don't have any significant security, safety or environmental concerns and you want to keep your home's design as the main attraction, a shorter fence is often an ideal solution. It's also important to keep in mind that installers can design and install wrought iron fences at varying heights throughout a property. 

If you want a subtler look in the front yard, but want more security in your backyard, there are options. For example, you can install a shorter fence around the front of your property line, such as 3 feet high, and install a taller fence to line the rear of your property, such as 7 feet high.

Central California Ornamental Iron is a full-service iron gate and fence company. In addition to the function of the gate, the area where your home is located and your style goals, we can use our expertise to help you determine the ideal height for your fence.

From homeowners looking to create a security fence to those who have a goal of greater privacy, we can design and install a custom option to meet every need. Let us help you transform your home's exterior.