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Choosing Your Fence Gate: Security, Performance and Consistency

An old adage claims that good fences make good neighbors. While the original intended meaning of that phrase may have been lost over time, what is still clear is that security, performance and consistency will make for a superior fence.
While it's easy to get caught up in the materials and the ornamentation of the fence itself, it's important to remember that other vital components still require your attention. A strong gate that blends into your design plan can go a long way in creating a fence that makes you feel protected and proud.
Below, you'll find a guide to some factors you should consider when coming up with the gate design for your ornamental fence. Keeping these variables in mind can help guarantee that you have both a fashionable and functional design that provides the security you need. Taking the time to understand your choices is an important step in keeping you satisfied with your design for years to come.

Electronic Security

In days gone by, the best security you could hope for from a gate was a sturdy latch and a strong padlock. However, with the expanded availability of a wide range of electronic security products, you may be able to protect the entry to your property in ways that might previously have seemed out of reach. Achieving the security you desire could be as simple as asking for it.
Standard bell and buzzer systems can now be operated from most smart devices, taking the inconvenience out of having to rush to a speaker panel to answer every attempted knock on the door.
You might even be able to install a video surveillance system on your gate that both records images and displays them in real time, providing you with a layer of oversight that was previously only available in the most expensive option packages.


Entering your gate with your hands full can occasionally pose a serious challenge. Making your way out to the yard to let in a visitor might be of similar inconvenience. In these cases and many others, it can be a relief to know that your gate can remain secure when necessary, but also automatically open to provide for a much smoother process when a visitor arrives.
Automated gates are becoming increasingly popular in terms of added convenience and easy upkeep. An automated gate is less likely to experience unnecessary force from a person rushing, so the hinges and other moving parts may remain stronger for longer. Automated gates are also available in a wide variety of high-quality materials, guaranteeing that you can enjoy convenience without having to sacrifice the aesthetic you desire.

Hidden Hardware

For some people, the ultimate goal in gate design is to create a seamless surface that doesn't reveal the gate's location. This can guarantee a consistent look as well as strong security. It affords your home the appearance of an impenetrable fortress that still offers comfort and warmth within, beyond the gate.
Modern gate technology allows the hinges, handles and other hardware to be concealed on the interior of the structure, displaying an unbroken surface to the outside world. While this may seem like merely a fun trick, it has a number of benefits that many homeowners happily enjoy.
The professionals at Central California Ornamental Iron have years of experience crafting a wide variety of custom gates that can meet all of your gate and fencing desires. Leaning on that level of expertise and variety can guarantee the performance and the look you're after while putting you in a position to benefit from a strong fence for years to come.