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How to Match a Wrought Iron Fence to Your Home

Wrought Iron Fence in Hollister, CA
Wrought iron fencing dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe, when monarchs and other aristocrats had parts of fences hand-forged to incorporate into their walls and gates. It wasn't until the Industrial Revolution that new processes made the fencing type more affordable. Therefore, it makes sense that wrought iron fencing matches well with historical-style homes.
In fact, wrought iron fencing or metal fencing can match any house style — it's just a matter of choosing the right fence.

Historical Homes

Historical style houses include Victorian, Georgian, Queen Anne and Colonial, among others. While these houses differ in specifics of architecture, they all feature ornate detailing. Therefore, a more ornate wrought iron fence tends to complement this style. Indeed, as the Landscaping Network points out, Victorians used elaborate wrought iron fencing to display their personal wealth.
For this type of house, look into the styles of fences and gates that feature sweeping arcs in the rail. Pickets can also feature ornamentation. You can even choose to have designs created out of the iron. For the finials, look into the more elaborate styles such as banana leaf and fleur de lis.
New technologies allow manufacturers to powder coat the metal with different colors. With historical homes, the traditional color for this fencing is, of course, black. However, some styles — especially Victorian — lend themselves to a touch of creativity. Some homeowners choose elaborate fences with some of the designs highlighted in color.

Contemporary Homes

Contemporary style houses include modern, Art Deco, mid-century modern and Craftsman, among others. These types of houses tend to feature cleaner lines than their historical counterparts — in fact, an adherence to geometry is a characteristic of modern style.
Naturally, this minimalistic approach comes through in the fencing. Wrought iron or other metal fencing complements these houses when you choose straight rails and unadorned pickets. Finials should also be on the simpler side. You can even have the top blocked off with a second rail if you don't need the added security of pointed finials.
With contemporary houses, you have more choices in fence colors. Black is still possible. However, some homeowners want a metallic finish, such as silver, copper, or gold. This makes the fence stand out less. If you want the fencing to blend in with the landscaping, consider a shade of green, brown, or beige.

Regional Homes

Regional homes include Greek revival, mission, Spanish and Italian, among others. These types of houses can be complemented by either ornate or simple wrought iron fencing. However, fencing for regional houses often mixes materials.
Greek revival houses adhere to classic architecture, especially arches and columns. Therefore, a metal fence with arched rails and straight pickets echoes the lines in the house's façade. Fence posts are often wood.
Italian houses often feature a lot of natural stone and tile work in the construction. Therefore, many homeowners choose to have a half-wall built of one of those materials and top it with wrought iron. The designs are often simpler. Likewise, warmer colors, such as copper or gold, complement the warm hues of the homes.
Both mission and Spanish homes feature a lot of adobe in their construction. This comes through in the fencing, with contractors constructing half-walls covered in adobe. For this style of fencing, many homeowners prefer the more elaborate wrought iron designs topped with fancy finials. Likewise, black makes a bold contrast to the light colors of the adobe.
Your choice in fencing will affect the curb appeal of your house. Choose beautiful and secure wrought iron fencing that complements your home's style. Come visit the experts at Central California Ornamental Iron for advice which fence style will work best for your house.