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Look Beyond Wrought Iron Fences' Beauty

Iron Fence in Hollister, CA
Custom wrought iron fences are beautiful, but their beauty is far from the only reason why homeowners have these fences installed on their properties. Here's a look at the many other benefits that wrought iron fences offer.

Security From Outside Threats

Wrought iron fences not only provide security from outside threats, but they do so better than most other types of fences. They're stronger than plastic and wooden fences, and they can be designed with spikes on top that make climbing over more difficult. Chain-link fences have peaks on top, but these aren't as pointy as the spikes that wrought iron fences can come with.
Perhaps most importantly, wrought iron fences afford a clear view from one side to the other. Thus, any burglars who do manage to get on the other side of a wrought iron fence won't be able to hide from people on the other side of the fence. In contrast, wooden privacy fences afford plenty of cover for burglars who get over them.
A wrought iron fence won't provide comprehensive security for a home. It will, however, stop dogs and trespassers from wandering into the yard, and it'll make accessing a home more difficult for would-be burglars.

Safety for Those on the Inside

At the same time, wrought iron fences also provide safety for those who are on the inside of the fence. When designed for safety, wrought iron fences will prevent children and dogs from wandering into the street or getting lost. Any person or animal who isn't able to open a gate will be kept safely in a yard.
The safety of children and dogs isn't only a consideration for homeowners who have kids or dogs. Homeowners who don't have children or dogs may have guests who do have children or dogs come visit. Being able to let children and dogs out in the yard without worrying about whether they're wandering can make visits with these guests much more relaxing.

Increase in Home Value

Generally speaking, wrought iron fences increase a home's value. How much they'll increase the potential selling price of a home depends on what neighborhood the house is in. A home in a high-end neighborhood will benefit more from having a fence installed than one in an entry-level neighborhood. The value of a home will go up when a fence is installed, though.
Homeowners shouldn't expect the increase in their home's value to equal the installation cost of a wrought iron fence. In most cases, however, homeowners are able to recoup a significant portion of their fence's installation costs when they sell their home.

Accordance with Insurance Requirements

For homeowners who have swimming pools, a wrought iron fence can help bring their property into accordance with their homeowners insurance policy's requirements. (Not being in accordance with a policy's requirements can jeopardize the coverages the policy provides.)
Most homeowners policies treat pools as attractive nuisances, which are items that are enticing to children but pose a danger to children who aren't supervised. Homeowners who have attractive nuisances on their property are required to take reasonable measures to deter children from accessing those nuisances unsupervised.
Surrounding a swimming pool with a wrought iron fence will usually satisfy a homeowners insurance policy's requirements for deterring children from accessing the pool. Typically fences must be a minimum height and have a self-latching gate to be in accordance with a policy's requirements, but these are easy requirements to meet.
A well-designed wrought iron fence will do all of this while perfectly complementing a home's existing appearance. For help designing a custom wrought iron fence for your home, contact us at Central California Ornamental Iron.