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Which Automated Gate Access System Is Right for You?

Automated Gate System
If you will soon be having a driveway gate installed at your home to increase home security, then it is important to carefully consider the type of automated gate access system that will best fit the needs of your family. There are several types of automated gate access systems, and each has their unique advantages. 
Read on to learn about the most popular types of automated gate access systems and how they work, so you can begin deciding which may be best for your home. 
Remote Access
One type of automated gate entry system is a remote access system. This system consists of two main components: a receiver connected to your gate and one or more remote controls designed to work with the receiver to open and close the gate. The system can rely on radio signals, a Bluetooth signal, or infrared technology. When you or a family member presses a button on the remote control, it sends a signal to the gate instructing it to open or close. 
This type of automated access system may be best for your family if you want to be able to open the gate from your vehicle without having to open your window to press keypad buttons. 
A remote access system can be combined with other types of gate access systems to provide your family with the convenience of remote control gate operation along with the benefits of other types of gate openers. 
Keypad Access
A keypad access system is another popular gate entry system. When your gate is equipped with keypad entry, you can simply punch a code into the gate keypad that will open it. Depending on the specific keypad system you choose, you can program the keypad to open with just one code or several. 
A keypad access system may be best for your family if: 
  • You would like to provide the keypad code to visitors who you trust so that they can let themselves onto your property with ease. 
  • You don't want to have to worry about family members, such as children, getting locked out of your yard if they don't have a remote on hand and no one else is home. 
  • You would like to offer the code to delivery drivers dropping off mail or packages so that they can leave them in a discreet location behind your locked gate. 
If you ever worry that your keypad access code has gotten into the hands of the wrong person, you can reprogram the code to keep your home secure. 
Telephone Access
You can also have your gate equipped with a telephone access gate entry system. The main two types of telephone access gate entry systems include dedicated phone line systems and shared phone line systems. However, shared phone line systems are most commonly used in residential applications. 
This system can be connected right to your home telephone without the need for an additional phone line dedicated to the system. When someone presses a button on the device at the gate, your home phone will ring (often with a dedicated ringtone). You can then speak to the visitor and then press a button on your phone to let them through the gate if you choose to. 
A telephone access gate entry system may be best for your home if: 
  • You would like the ability to speak to every visitor to confirm their identity before you allow them onto your property. 
  • You don't want to have to provide your keypad code to visitors to help keep your home more secure. 
  • You desire the convenience of letting all visitors onto your property with just the press of a button on your phone. 
For additional security, telephone access gate entry systems can also be equipped with security cameras, so you can see the person who seeks to enter onto your property. 
After you have made the decision to secure your residential property with a driveway gate, it is important to consider the available automated gate entry systems and which is best for your family's needs. Contact CCOI Gate Company to begin designing your new gate today.